Narus Health


A good technology solution that’s difficult to use isn’t really a good solution at all. Narus Health had an existing physician portal and patient relationship manager that supported all the necessary features, but were cumbersome and hard to use. User feedback had shown that both of these applications’ workflows were complicated, difficult to use, and needed a lot of improvements.


I started with user research and conducted interviews to better understand all the user types involved for each application and collaborated with Narus Health to ensure that technical requirements were met. Using the research and data collected, I then redesigned both the physician portal and patient relationship manager, thus enhancing the UI, information architecture, and workflows.


The redesign resulted in much simpler applications that are intuitive and better reflected physician workflows.  Integrated workflows facilitated more efficient delivery of diagnoses and treatment plans.  Improved user experience facilitated better collaboration among physicians.  I delivered in 33 weeks what would have taken them, well over a year to do internally.

Capabilities Utilized

Interactive Design, Visual design, Information Visualization